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Project Operations

Community Engagement

Dunmore Solar is committed to meaningful engagement with community members or stakeholders who may be directly or adversely impacted by our Project. Our goal is to provide opportunities for stakeholders to learn about the Project, ask us questions and share their concerns with us. We commit ourselves to understanding and resolving the concerns of the people who live, work, and play in our Project area. 

Local Benefits

Dunmore Solar believes in providing local opportunities and employment. The Project has employed many Albertans and local companies to conduct technical studies, environmental assessments, and project management. The construction and operations phases are expected to create many temporary and permanent jobs and boost the local economy through retail and other services. Horus is intent on providing as many local benefits and employment opportunities as possible.


Environmental Studies

Wildlife and habitat studies were completed throughout 2020 to assess and mitigate for any adverse effects to local wildlife and the habitats that support them. The studies included surveys for:


  • Breeding birds

  • Migrating birds

  • Burrowing owls

  • Sharp-tailed grouse

  • Raptors

  • Amphibian

Additional Studies

The following additional studies have also been completed:


  • Historical Resources: Assessments to determine any potential impacts to historical and archaeological resources

  • Noise: Modeling and impact assessment on the surrounding residences and other receptors

  • Glint and Glare: Modeling and assessment of any potential solar glare impacts

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